Friday, July 22, 2011

I Survived Vietnam, Now You Survive Breast Cancer

Survival Straps puts out these very beautiful straps that can be any color you like. They are "Proud Supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project." The straps are hand made in the United States. I picked blue [Air Force] for surviving Vietnam and pink for women to survive breast cancer. It comes in two colors of your choice, made of 550 lb. paracord, has a dog tag on it [five lines], a stainless steel adjustable bracket and pin [a breakaway extra pin is included]. Mine has my name, old service number, religion, blood type and where I was stated in Vietnam. Give them a look see and support breast cancer awareness.



I have a pink one for cancer..need to get an id tag for diabetes and all my allergies..sigh*

rainywalker said...

Sometimes they are fairly cheap depending on what you put on them.