Thursday, July 14, 2011

Former Fort Carson Soldier Accused & Military Domestic Violence [2]

The appearance of former Sgt. Albert Granados in superior court today accused of attempted murder and three other counts in Colorado Springs did not see his bond reduced. He was assigned a court appointed attorney and will remain incarcerated until at least 21 July, 2011. At that time a judge will entertain motions to lower the bond from $200,000. The district attorney today appears to want the bond increased since Mr. Granados may be a flight risk. He will also have an opportunity next Thursday to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty in his defence. A trial date may be set next Thursday.
After the start of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars the number of domestic violence and murder of military spouses have increased at an alarming rate. Fort Bragg, North Carolina the home of the Special Forces has the largest number of murdered spouses in the United States and Fort Carson has the distinction of being number two. Many soldiers coming back from war zones in the past few years and deemed medically normal, have killed their spouses, best friends and neighborhood civilians.
Unlike the Vietnam War where soldiers came back and as many as a quarter million with PTSD went into hiding, these new veterans sadly appear as predators that walk the streets with loaded weapons. They believe they are back in the sand on safari. The government has chosen to change the name from PTSD to traumatic brain injury. This makes good press on the evening news, but changes nothing on what is causing some of our soldiers to revert back to war scenarios. Killing those that love them the most.

15 July, 2011. Counts have been revised; Count 1 Class 2 felony, Count 2 Class 3 felony, Count 3 Class 5 felony, Count 4 Class 1 misdemeanor, Count 5 Class 2 felony, Count 6 Class 3 felony, Count 7 Class 3 felony, Count 8 Class 5 felony, Count 9 Class 5 felony, Count 10 Class 1 misdemeanor.

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