Friday, April 8, 2011

Colorado Springs Homeless & Homeless Veteran Report

Homeless individuals for the most part in Colorado Springs have made some strides toward joining the rest of society in the fishbowl. Some are, some aren't and some remain on the fence. There are many happy stories about people getting apartments, jobs and transportation. There are also some very sad stories about the number of new homeless who are losing their homes, apartments, jobs and vehicles. Many homeless Veterans continue to forgo the service of the VA and others don't.
The homeless storage facility off 8Th Street is running at about 75% full. We try not to turn anyone away and have not did so in the past year. Out of state people continue to pop up from places like Alabama, Louisiana and other states. Many have been laid off and are here seeking work. Some are just passing through Colorado, staying a couple of weeks and moving on.
The number of people sleeping in the woods, conxes, sheds, old houses and their cars have not really changed. Wal-Mart no longer allows campers overnight. One living in his car who is a company computer installer has found a 25 hour a week job and is searching as far as Denver and at Job Service. One young lady while pregnant went to school, had her baby and got a 40 hour a week job in Pueblo. Several individuals have received work and taken there belonging out of storage.
Others continue to struggle and one sat in the woods all night while it rained with no sleeping bag. He just didn't want to head for the shelter. Occasionally someone will ask how about up in the mountains and we tell them not yet, still snow up there. Like last summer we will have minor supplies for those camping out and others who just come by in the spring. We have storage boxes, toiletries, bottled water, some snack foods, books, small amount of clothing, a pump for bicycles, some bike tools, knife sharpeners, cell phone service to call family, information, etc. We except small donations [no money] for those homeless and homeless Veterans living outside. All services are free to anyone that is homeless or a homeless Veteran.
Organizations that have been sending us the most clients are RAP, Rescue Mission, Marion House, New Hope Center and the Colorado Springs Police Hot Team. They all have the form that must be turned in to receive storage. Those that leave the state on a family emergency or are incarcerated can store their belonging by contacting an agency or the Hot Team. We will come out during an emergency [24seven] and pickup belongings and take them to the storage facility. A recent death in a family required us to store belonging the person could not take on the bus.
We are still open on Tuesdays and Saturdays 10-2pm and during the winter call by Monday or Friday and we will be open. Initial storage is for 90 days. Bad snow we are closed until plowing is complete. Our homeless blog [ ] is still there but all future comments originate here. Cultural Displacement of Colorado 1-719-471-9445 [long message] and e-mail


Ryrock said...
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rainywalker said...

Perhaps you passed up the story and just laughed at the picture.

Unknown said...

The homeless veterans want REAL HOUSING, REAL TRAINING, and REAL JOBS, not prison-like & all-controlling 12-Step religious cult insane asylums & 24/7 baby-sitting.