Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Colorado Springs, Colorado Rousting Homeless Veterans, Homeless Familes and Children

Homeless Veteran Camp
The city of Colorado Springs is in the red so completely that you would think it was Lenin's birthday. So are they working on a city budget since the people told them, "what part of no more taxes don't you understand?" Don't you suppose they would be concentrating on the city budget? Yes, they are working on a budget and a new camping ordiance to roust homeless veterans and the homeless with children from the woods along Fountain Creek. The ordiance will allow city police to pick and choose who camps along Fountain Creek. I'll tell the City Council right now that will not pass the sniff test Constitutionally. This time mayor the full force of the justice system will show the city coffers with more cobwebs.

They couldn't get rid of the homeless by breaking up their camps once a month. Then violating their Constitutional rights by frisking them for no reason and throwing away all their military, civilian identification and personal belongings. Well the city did until the ACLU threatened to sue and the city backed off. The homeless just get new tents, clothing, sleeping bags, identification [ironically donated by citizens and churches]. Those 12,000 who by the way never received ballots for the last election and others who wouldn't support a new tax slush fund. The homeless would then just move to a new location on city property along Fountain Creek.

There are no hikers in this area along I-25 the trail is on the other side of the Creek. The homeless are not bothering anyone and are cleaning up amongst themselves as best they can. Yes the homeless are camped on city property. But its the Christmas Season Mayor Lionel Rivera? Why not leave them alone until spring and bring up a camping ordiance then, one that's fair to all citizens. In fact the homeless tell me you visited some of the camps for the first time since you have been mayor. It's wonderful isn't it meeting those across the tracks and getting dirt on those $600.00 shoes?

So why don't you tell me how you really feel Rainy! Well the city has a point and the homeless to. The homeless are breaking  a tresspassing law. But the homeless weren't just dropped off some alien spacecraft. These are real families, children, individuals and veterans. They are Americans. They should be settled at a location near the city by the citizen's of Colorado Springs not city government. Some have social problems and many of the government agencies they use are in the city including the Veteran's Administration. Does the city really believe the homeless are here being harassed because they enjoy it? In turn does the city expect them to move five miles out of town? Or just out of eyesight to promote the almight dollar in Colorado Springs for a few of the rich folk?

So what is the end game? Let the people of Colorado Springs decide by putting it on the ballot. Many of us would rather see the homeless in their own area monitored by the city. Yes that will cost money. But many citizens would rather see it spent on the homeless than more city vehicles going home each night, four day work weeks and city vehicles parked at Safeway. I'm doubly sure nobody needs reminding the veterans living along Fountain Creek once protected this country and right of the businesses to complain. Some of them are maimed and have mental problems because they served the United States protecting us. A count this morning along part of Fountain Creek showed at least 27 camps that were not there last year. The image above show it all for one veteran. Now they are just throwaways patriots. But not while I breath. Times are tuff mayor, but how about throwing some breathing space, some cake and a little tobacco to the homeless this Christmas. Since all the workhouses are closed.

Any citizens of Colorado Springs, Colorado or the world who has an opinion on this subject can write or email to the mayor and city council below. The new ordiance will likely be brought up at the December 7th and 8th 2009 1:00 pm meeting so take a few minues to drop the mayor and city council a few words. One day it will make you proud. Merry Christmas to you all and remember our soldiers fighting and dying overseas.

Mayor Lionel Rivera
PO Box 1575
Colorado Springs, Co 80901
email address: lrivera@springsgov.com



I will send an email right away..he's such a asshole..like that will get him money in the coffers and votes under his belt..

Buzzardbilly said...

That goes beyond a dirty rotten shame! Why couldn't the city (or the Coors family even) set up a charitable foundation for folks who want to help these vets and their children and build a community near the VA?

My cousin does a lot of work with Catholic Charities here to help the less fortunate and they do good work. On my blogroll, you'll see Malach the Merciless who also does a lot of work with Catholic Charities in Massachusetts on housing and help getting folks in need on their own feet with dignity (and without concern about whether or not they are Catholic).

Maybe if you got in touch with Malach he could give you some pointers on how to get something started to help these folks. And, yes, I'll be sending an ass-blasting to the mayor, too.

rainywalker said...

Thanks for the help.

We have many groups here in the city to help and a group fighting the city. There are more of us than them so it will get results at some point. We just want them to have a decent holiday and a place where they are left alone. The ACLU is waiting to see what the city is going to do. Likely get sued!

WgS said...

Thank you for posting this, rainywalker. We need people around the country following what is going on in their area and telling cities how they need to something besides sweeping folks away as if they were garbage! The ACLU has been doing more than any other agency I have seen to try to protects homeless rights and force cities to stop breaking the laws and their word.

I know that the United Nations recently sent an investigator to the US to see whether basic human rights were being violated, as it is their position that affordable housing and a place to sleep is one of the most fundamental human rights.

I will send both a letter and an email.

rainywalker said...

Thank you for the help. I emailed the White House staff today just to make them aware of something they want to address.

John Barry said...

Great post Rainy. Interesting how the mainstream media largely steers clear of such problems. This post should be published on all American newspapers. It is an eye-opener. I have emailed the mayor.

WgS said...

Rainywalker, I just want to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings (possibly even some tasty desert treats too, he).

Rich said...

I would rather pay a tax that would be used to help these people, these people that gave everything, these people that now have nothing.. I would pay a tax to put a roof over their heads.. no question. something has to be done to help these people. how can we sit back and look.. we need to do something..