Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's Not the Five Minutes, It's What You Do In the Five Minutes.....Good Luck American Athletes.....We Love You!

May Athletes of the World Survive Beijing Pollution.....A Picture is worth a Thousand Words.
"Smog, Rain, thunder and typhoons forcast for Beijing games"......Even God has turned his back on the evil empire.

SPORTS- Something I Know Nothing About

So how can I get in trouble talking about something I know nothing about? Here we go on a rant about sports and someone who's been to busy to watch.

Well I know that the Angels and Dodgers used to be in California because Bob Hope did a joke about them. I know that the Pittsburgh Steelers are still in Pittsburgh? The Kindles wrote a song about someone working the night shift and another working the day shift........ in Pittsburgh [about the Steelers]. Jim Brown used to play football and wear pantyhose to keep his legs warm. Denver used to be called the "Orange Crush" one year when they were winning and I installed a surveying disk by that name in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Mean Joe Green and Refrigerator Perry played football. Don Shula was with the Miami Dolphins and from my hometown in Ohio.

I know Tiger Woods is one great golfer and Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus used to play in the 60's. Now I think Jack has gone into the golf course business. Some golfers wear crazy clothing like Chi Chi Rodriquez.

I know some names in basketball like Michael Jordon and Larry Bird. I think Michael does commercials for hot dogs and men's underwear now. The Boston Celtics did something this year.

The Gold Kings play hockey in Fairbanks, Alaska.

They have this South American soccer on the tube and I can't understand Spanish, but I know how the game is played and like watching that. Plus Pele [Edson Arantes Do Nascimento] was a great Brazilian soccer player who played in three world cups. Pele was also in the movie Victory with Sylvester Stallone.

During the 1976 summer Olympics Bruce Jenner cleaned up in the Decathlon and was the underdog. He may be about my age now. I watched film of Jesse Owens during the 1936 Berlin summer Olympics whipping up on the Germans and making Hitler look stupid. I had a friend from West Virginia who ran in the Boston Marathon several times. Like most sports it was getting across the finish line that really counted. Being first was better.

Tennis, well there was Bobby Riggs, Billie Jean King, Jimmy Conners, John McEnroe, Chris Evert, Bjorn Borg, Martina Navratilova and the William's sisters. Conners was kind of cool on the court and McEnroe was a crazy man. Bjorn Borg bought several battleships for his country from taxes.

The Cleveland Indians played down the road from where I lived in Ohio. They had the first Native American baseball player Louis Sockalexis [photo above] and many said he was better than Babe Ruth. He first played for Holy Cross. The candy bar was not named after Ruth. The Indians may have been named after Sockalexis. Their original name was the Cleveland Spiders.

This is your brain on Hope.

This is your brain on Hope.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why Not A Third Party For Americans

At one time there were no political parties and then we came up with the Republicans and Democrats. Yes I know there are other small third parties, in fact a bunch. But I'm talking about a third party as important as the two we have. An alternative to nothing.

Say we didn't like either party we could have someone to vote for. Both parties are taking this country straight to Hell. Sorry if you don't like what I say go somewhere else, or just disagree. They are both stretching this country and constitution out of shape.

We have never been able to mind our own business in over 200 years and in some cases that was good. The rest of the world or most of it would be dead by now if it wasn't for us. But that's another story.

With less than 100 days I'm sick of all the bull shit and not much talk on the issues. How about some refreshing truth for a change. We have issues that need to be dealt with here and it sounds like a bunch of cry babies. All the American people aren't stupid, so just give it to us straight or get the Hell out of the way.

Right now I don't care if its a man, woman, black, white, Hispanic or somebody with no green card. They can't run anyway, but might have something to say. I'm not someone who hates America. I love this country and have since I was a kid. But the government, all government for the most part sucks and I'm sick of it.

We need someone who is going to have a fair solution to medical costs, lock social security back up, solve this energy problem and quite making war for oil. Let them go back to riding camels and living in tents. They are going to anyway when the oil dries up. If they haven't bombed the world into the stone age. Lets go back to being America and stop this Roman style government and tighten out belts.

Let the young punks on the street both black and white starve if they don't want to work. At least the Hispanics want to work. Get rid of welfare unless you really need it. Bring some sanity back to this country. Start treating our seniors right and pass some state laws that everyone not insane can pack a rod. Yes the shooting will increase for awhile. We have to get the low life off the streets and then the curve will go down. Cut the arms and legs off these damn drug pushers and quite speeding trillions now for drug enforcement. I'm getting tired of seeing the blue and white jackets. They are probably $500 dollars a piece!

I'm so pissed off right now if I didn't love this country, I would vote for the damn communists. They couldn't screw it up any worse than those bureaucratic whores in Washington.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Seriously Distrubed Americans

When you think you have seen it all? Along comes something new!

Going to the movies sometimes you pay for one show and get two. If you buy the popcorn, its like a dinner theatre.

So I go and see the Dark Knight and have to wait in the lobby for the sign to go out. They have this sign that tells you a certain theatre is ready for use. So there is this guy setting across from us in the lobby who is in an electric wheel chair. You have to understand I have worked with the impaired, the poor, the homeless for over 40 years.

So I can feel for this guy. He's setting there head to one side, tongue hanging out, arm and hand all twisted up, not saying a word. So in a few minutes the sign goes out and the guy in the chair moves forward and his friend opens the door for him. We go in the other door and pick a seat near the top.

I do look down once and see the guy and his wheelchair setting down front where they have special locations for the impaired. So I'm feeling for the guy, because I don't like to set down front and never have. I know some of you out there understand what I'm saying.

So all of a sudden this guy jumps up, runs across the theatre. Heads up the stairs like a 10,000 meter race and set down right in the center and starts talking to his friend. No problem here with feet, arms, mouth or anything. So we are looking around to see, if what we saw was real. Yes the wheelchair is empty and the bald headed guy is setting in front of us.

So what kind of despicable, low life, degenerate, social security bum would pretend to be impaired? He's not getting any discount at the box office. So he has to be pulling some kind of scam to get some free money, a green check or some food stamps from the government. So I remember this is America. Where a 350 pound daughter and mother in Ohio are crying they can't afford meat or ice cream. Their cars have been repossessed and or broke down. They can't get a job and their seven siblings are on the dole setting at home watching TV.

So we watch the movie all 150 minutes of it and the guy gets back in his high speed electric wheel chair and is back in the lobby. Head bent, tongue hanging out and twisted arm and hand being quiet. So I think if I call him on this, he's going to fake it and I look stupid. I mean you can see me jerking him out of the chair and he's moaning the blues. Thirty years ago I would have broke his legs and let him crawl to the chair. So from now on when I see someone impaired, there is going to be just a small questioning look on my face.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Campaign Clean Up in Aisle 2

Campaign Clean Up in Aisle 2
[Obama Quest.....Berlin.....Fox News.....We Lie, You Decide.....John McCain..... "All by Myself".....h/t
The Jed Report]

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Carmike 10 and the Big Bucket of Popcorn

Back on June 28 I wrote a blog on Tinseltown Popcorn Prices to Six Dollars. Well there is a Carmike 10 located at 1550 Polsar Drive [Pace Plaza] off South Academy Blvd here in Colorado Springs where you can really get a deal. It doesn't have 14 screens but all the main feature films playing in town are there and its not crowded.
Remember I said there was a 3000% markup on popcorn? Well here you get this big plastic bucket with a handle for $8.00 [butter and about eight flavors of salt] and every time you bring it back it costs fifty cents to fill it up. Also one free refill while your at the theatre. Now that is until March of 2009 and they said it would probably be extended.
Not only is the popcorn cheaper but the ticket prices for adults are $4.50 all the time, not before five. Good for families on a budget. The theatre is quite clean, doesn't smell funny and the staff is friendly. They show at least twice the number of previews each week as Tinseltown.
Tinseltown sort of reminds me of Oscar night and every teen in Colorado Springs seems to be there dressed to the hilt, showing off and talking on their cell phones or texting each other across the isle.
So now each week or when ever I go to the movies, I'm heading over to Carmike 10 with my new bucket and get my popcorn for fifty cents.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Purgatory Report July 25, 2008- It Ain't Heaven & It Ain't Hell

The name of my report has nothing to do with the Catholic religion and all to do with a middle ground. Purgatory was a small wood stop for river boats on the Yukon River during the gold rush in Alaska. It was located between Beaver and Stevens Village and is now part of the Yukon Flats Nat'l Wildlife Refuge. The flats were a terrible place to be in the summer. No breeze, or sand flying, damn hot, muggy and the Ontario black flies would eat you alive. Then there were the two brothers who would dress up in red long johns, horns, pitchforks and get their pictures taken with tourists when stern wheelers stopped at the docks. A Yukon Sundog today consists of cherry Kool-aid, a shot of Everclear and a small pinch of sand.

Avril Doyle of Ireland's Fine Gael party, "told a Brussels conference she wants cigarettes and cigars illegal in Europe by 2025." Now I think we tried that in the United States once with alcohol. After a few years and 338 deaths Congress caught on that the populace was going to drink if they wanted to. Where is all the revenue going to come from if they don't tax any cigarettes? I'm sure the Europeans are not purchasing cigarettes tax free? Good luck making that one fly. Now if they start taxing tea in the United Kingdom that might start a party.

Say whats going on down there in Dallas, Texas? The county commission got into an argument over a black hole. You know, a "celestial object with a gravitational field so strong that light cannot escape?" Well one white county commissioner made a statement that talking about tickets in Dallas was like tickets being sucked into a black hole. So two black commissioners including John Wiley Price ask the commission for an apology since it was racism. John Wiley Price then went outside to explain about angel food and devils food cake. All my Black friends out there, help me to understand where this "attack" is founded, or taking us.

Have you ever picked up a penny? Well I pick them all up, not because I'm cheap, but because they were worth something more when I was a kid. I could get two pieces of bubblegum with a penny. But today I not only find pennies, but sometimes quarters. Inflation is catching up with people's losses. If you save enough you can play the penny gambling machines up at Cripple Creek, Colorado. I don't win very often and I'm gonna let you in on a better deal. If you go out to Fort Carson they have this shed you can pull your car into. Then you put seven quarters in this slot and a machine beeps. Just like Cripple Creek and it has a digital readout. I"ve never won any money there, but water and soap comes out of this tube and I've got just enough time to wash my car.

Well I'm setting here the other night and the local news shows a picture of a lion that was spotted in the foothills of Colorado Springs. That's not to unusual each summer. I guess some people saw it downtown running up the middle of the street. I see a mule deer ever once in a while using the crosswalks on Pikes Peak Avenue. But this is not a mountain lion, this is an African lion. A real panthera leo. It has the hair around its neck and that tail that looks like a mop. From the picture it looks to be about 300 pounds. About half the size of a full grown lion. The media has been telling everyone to keep their kids in doors. In its quest for food it must have smelled some of the low life that are robbing and killing the citizens of Colorado Springs. Instead of more police perhaps we need more lions?

This news will likely cause the layoff of countless millions across the United States. Japanese technology has invented a self leaning shovel. That will cause most state road workers in the United States to be laid off. If you gave a couple of those to Granny on the Squidbillies, I think she could hold herself up. But I don't think medical science has invented Granny a drug for Alzheimer's that will make her remember an orgasm. Please people this is ironic sarcasm, not sardonic racism. If you haven't seen the Squidbillies just forget this part of my report.
Senator McCain says that you can run around downtown Baghdad at 114 degrees, buck naked and not get a suntan. But of course he was using sun blocker. One hundred plus crack American soldiers, backed up by 2 Apache and 3 Blackhawk helicopters. Then he goes on to say the serge is working. The serge working is like the Israeli's sending in 30,000 troops to wipe out Hezbollah and saying they are turning their swords into plowshares. Al-Qaeda is just hanging back and has sent many of their fighters to Afghanistan [through Iran] to help the Taliban fight us and our allies along the Pakistan border. We are now losing more soldiers in Afghanistan than in Iraq. If Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan with hundred's of thousands of soldiers couldn't control Afghanistan. Why do we think the country can be controlled with a few thousand soldiers with a lot of technology?

Senator McCain and President Bush are starting to sound like Senator Obama. He says we need to talk to Iran and they laugh. Then they want to have dialog with Iran. He says we should be out of Iraq in 16 months and they say 100 years. Now that the prime minister has agreed with Obama they will likely change their story on that with some back peddling. John McCain is George Bush all dressed up like a snake oil peddler. But Americans have had the snake oil for the last seven years and I don't believe are buying the new snake oil either. So come election time we can try the same old snake oil or go with something new, "change."

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monongalia County- Pick Ax Handle Hill

My oldest sister was a registered nurse in West Virginia for some forty-six years. When she first started out in Monongalia County with the health department in the early 1960's there was one doctor and two nurses. They took care of Monongalia and sometimes went to Marian and Preston Counties. Now the health department has over two hundred workers.
Back then they went out and helped the people in the backwoods, helping with accidents, checking on pregnant women, teaching sanitary conditions and general nursing skills. Sometimes they would have to go on foot and climb over coal piles. There weren't as many back roads in use as there are now.
The rules back then were that if you were going to a black community you always went in pairs. That was the rule from the head shed. So one day her partner was out working somewhere in the county and she was by herself. So they get a call that a lady on Pick Ax Handle Hill had burned herself real bad on a stove. So my sister being a good nurse said to hell with the rules I'm going by myself.
So she gets in her little orange Volkswagen bus and heads up across several fields and into the shanty town on Pick Ax Handle Hill. She said there weren't that many houses and everybody was watching her. They had never seen a white woman in the town by herself.
So she checks around and goes to knocking on doors looking for the lady that got burned. She finds the house and a black man answers the door with one eye, the other an empty socket with a big butcher knife in his hand. So she says I'm here to help the lady who got burned. She takes care of the lady and heads back to Morgantown.
Doctor Wiley meets her and says, "I understand you went up to Pick Handle Hill today by yourself, you know the rules?" So my sister says yes and what am I supposed to do when nobody is around? So from then on my sister went out by herself all over the county. She returned to Pick Ax Handle Hill many times.
One time she was there an elder black man said to her, "You know Missy nobody is going to let you get hurt up here. Your the first white woman that has ever come up here by herself. You come up here with your little car, put, put, put and help us. We appreciate that." So she told him you and your friends look real comfortable up there setting on that porch with your legs cocked up. So she goes up and sets down and folds her nursing uniform and cocks her legs up on the rail and they all talk. She used to tell us of all the fun she had in the county, but none more so, that Pick Ax Handle Hill.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Vietnam#10- Rat Jerky

Some Americans consider the Chinese barbarians because they eat dog and cats. The Chinese consider us barbarians because we eat squirrel and rabbit. So the distinction is a cultural one. Many countries I have been to eat silk worms, grubs, ants, beetles, moths, snake, chicken feet and other creatures. So it should not surprise you to know many countries eat and jerk rat. In Vietnam the Mong tribesmen in the Central Highlands ate and jerked rat.

The tribesmen would place the rats in a 55 gallon barrel. They would start catching the rats in the tall grass and swampy areas starting at dusk and continue some nights until dawn. The meanest rat in the barrel would kill all the rest and the last one would get hit in the head with a stick. Then they would hang them on a clothes line and have someone take their picture. The tribesmen considered this somewhat similar to an American would a deer trophy.

Then the women would clean the rats and use some for eating and others for rat jerky. They used something similar to molasses on the meat before drying and the meat tasted somewhat sweet. The tribesmen considered this sort of a delicacy and the US government would fly them in live cattle for their main meat staple. Which they would slaughter in the Special Forces compound.

While there I never saw any tribesman eat meat out of a can unless it was the special lerps [like sea rations or MRE's] provided by the Special Forces. When they moved into an area they would soon clear out the rat population for a considerable distance.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

You Might Have PTSD If..............

1.] You are a combat veteran or have been a combat veteran.

2.] You are a non-combat veteran.

3.] You set with your back to the wall in restaurants or only use booths.

4.] You park your car backwards everywhere you go and at home.

5.] You cut down all trees and shrubs around your house that obstructs your view.

6.] You cut your neighbors grass on the other side of your fence.

7.] You don't like to visit malls, crowds of people, holidays and family events.

8.] You have a hard time sleeping at night or sleep only during the day.

9.] You stay inside and hideout from people.

10.] You carry a loaded weapon to protect yourself from people in the fishbowl.

11.] You shoot at things in the dark, real or imaginary.

12.] You hear voices, knocking on your door.

13.] You see monsters, smell them, hear them whistle.

14.] You feel the warmth of dead bodies and see the blood.

15.] You see dead bodies and try to put them back together.

16.] You feel guilty about what you have done.

17.] You feel helpless and depressed.

18.] You can't get along with family or spouse.

19.] You want to or consider suicide.

20.] You smell things that trigger memories.

21.] You take a job that is considered dangerous or reckless.

22.] You drink to much or take drugs.

23.] You have fits of rage.

24.] You hate the enemy even after long periods [years].

25.] You ask yourself where was God?

26.] You have a distrust of government and authority.

27.] You have memory problems.

28.] You avoid war movies or movies with killing.

29.] You are over protection of family and friends.

30.] You are startled easy or don't allow anyone to touch you when your asleep.

31.] You have fantasies of retaliation against people.

32.] You treat people as if they were trash or dogs.

[These are just some of the symptoms of PTSD if you are a combat veteran or just a regular veteran. If you have any of these symptoms please visit a Vet Center or VA Center near you. The service of the Vet Center and VA Center does not come to you and is free to most veterans. You have to make a conscious effort to go and stay on top of your particular case and problem. Help is out there for you, go after it.]

Saturday, July 19, 2008

What About That Game WOW?

For all of you out there that play WOW, which is WOW spelled backwards I applaud you. There must be hundreds of thousands of people maybe even millions playing the game. My son-in-law and daughter are both at level 70. My grandson is somewhere around 49 if his computer hasn't crashed. The latest news is that WOW is going to level 80 this fall. Some believe this game is never going to end and someone is raking in the money. Its always about the money. But I must confess I enjoy watching once in awhile. All this selling and buying, monsters, killing, riding, flying, all around this make believe world. Thanks to the Space Shuttle.

But me, I'm more down to earth, I like to make ear phones out of empty pizo-electric cigarette lighters. Yea, I'm eccentric and starting to look the part. You can hook them up to a homemade crystal radio and hear three quarters of the way around the world for free. Yea thats right, FREE. You can make your own spider web coils, capacitors, tuners, antennas, just about everything.

The nice thing about it is most of the materials come from junk televisions, computers and a few items from Radio Shack. Or you can buy the parts online and just assemble them. The Crystal Set Society at has all kinds of books and a monthly publication with new designs. If Elizabeth doesn't have it, she will likely tell you where to get it. They even have a contest once a year to see how far and how many stations you can pickup.

Now your likely going to ask why a guy who can go out and buy a receiver for $399.99 [Americans like those 9's] wants to make one for free. One it has something to do with a feeling you get inside when you hear that first AM radio station with your own ear phone. Now depending on the wattage output it could be a nearby station ten miles away or over there in Australia with the kangaroos. But the best part is walking into WalMart and knowing I can still build something they don't sell. Its a real rush.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Sickle of Death by Rainywalker 1970

Death not expected that morning,
No, Death had come and gone.
Swooping down from Heavens realm,
To touch a young man's brow.

The sickle honed was sharp,
Death cared not for the innocent.
He carried no grudge against good,
Nor evil, just repose in the air.

His uniform had a sad neatness,
The blood like Jello running earthward.
In the stillness a life force,
Clustered in a bright red pool.

Would the body retain any warmth,
That presence a short time before.
One touch that makes the difference,
When Death was making a choice.

No words now to comfort the soul,
No magic elixir that Grandma made.
This is the ending of a testament,
A writing in blood of life and death.

We must move on before Death returns,
A shadow waits in all our sunsets.
Not looking back, we hear the blowflies,
Death has declined a supper setting.

Colorado Springs, Colorado- Spring Creek Fortress

To start with the neighborhood I live in is relatively new and has a large number of active duty, retired and veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Some of the houses have never been lived in and setting here for four years. These houses have yards that haven't been cut in two years. During the daytime it seems like a regular neighborhood. But some nights its like Philadelphia; gunfire, shootings, cars broken into, stolen, ATF with shotguns and blue and yellow jackets, doors kicked down and naked girls running down the street.

Neighbors have had two cars stolen setting along side the street and have had two cars broken into through the windows. One night a guy was shot twice [six shots fired] and was laying in the middle of the street. Some nights just shotgun blasts or twelve shots from a 9mm.

One night I hear gunfire and turn off my outside porch light and stick my head out in the dark. Six shots fly by and one near my head. I remember the last time it happened in Vietnam. You never forget the airwiz. So I call the police and they ask if any ones life is in danger? Are there any windows shot out? I say no. So they don't respond because it goes on all over Colorado Springs every night. I understand the police are overloaded with crime. But what are we supposed to do come out with our weapons to protect property?

The night the ATF showed up they took away the occupant and box loads of stuff. Looked kinda like a prison transfer, guns everywhere and police vehicles.

I understand if these people were coming from outside the neighborhood but they aren't. They're in our neighborhood and I believe the criminals are afraid to come here. They have heard about this hillside and stay away. They're afraid of being shot. That may be a plus in keeping the crime down.

This wouldn't be worth talking about if it were a large area. But all of this happened in an area of about 50 yards around our house. The entire housing project must cover a mile plus square. So what is going on in the rest of the project? Is it like a war zone at night? You can bet I'm not going over there to find out.

The Field Negro would likely laugh about this because they are killing each other every night in Philadelphia. I can feel for them in my own small way here. But the thought has occurred to me I might want to move back to West Virginia. At least there they shoot in the air most of the time and that's on holidays.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Purgatory Report July 17, 2008- It Ain't Heaven & It Ain't Hell

The Chinese have been trying to get ready for the Olympic games in a few weeks. But with all the flooding, tornado's, earthquakes, locus, algae and smog they may want to look for the source. Seems like "Old Testament, wrath of God stuff" to me.

The likely gold medal winners will be the bats, they can see through the smog and the silver will go to the cockroaches, they can live through it. Nessie will likely win the boating events and eat some free algae along the way. From looking at the smog they may want to have a few body bags available for the athletes that don't make it. RIP.

While we are on the subject of China perhaps we could send them some oil. Take some tactical nukes and bury them in the ground where the oil shale is located. Here in Colorado and Montana or wherever and when the nukes go off the oil will be flowing out of the ground. With all the problems they are having a little radioactivity shouldn't bother them.

What about the new revelations about Jesse Jackson using the "n" word? How does he get away with it? No outrage, no nothing. But the children in kindergarten in the United Kingdom can't say "uke." I've tasted some uke food. Have you ever tried that stuff they run past you as food in schools today? If they do their school records can brand them a terrorist or anti-social. Hey, we're talking kindergartners here. Has the whole world has gone crazy?

John McCain is running around the country at these town hall meetings like a nine pecker-ed billy goat. Does he really believe there are only 52 people in the United States? He carries them around the country in the Lap Dog Express and rotates them at each meeting. Several in the front are rotated at each meeting and get veteran hats. That's how John Kerry got his three purple hearts. I guess after the town hall Cindy passes out her world famous cookies off the back of a Hershey's bag.

Barack Obama needs to start running adds in the newspapers overseas recruiting the million soldiers we are going to need to beat the Afghans. We sure aren't going to do it with 10,000 American soldiers. They will be skinned alive. The Afghans really haven't liked anyone in the last 1000 years if you read your history. But hay, we're just talking about a few Afghans riding around on mules. Lets not forget about those nukes over in Iran. That is if they're still there after the election. The Israeli's don't have to wait for the vote.

What about all this good news that we have now won the war in Iraq, are hugging the North Koreans, getting ready to establish diplomatic relations with Iran and found one last set of mating carrier pigeons left over from 1921. I kind of like the idea of having 16 billion carrier pigeons around again in a few years. Right now the regular pigeons and the Canadian geese by the millions are shitting all over the entire United States. Try setting down in a park with them your going to need some baby wipes. When your trying to sleep in the mornings the pigeons make a sound like Dearth Vader.

Are the three hundred fires still burning in California? Next year there will likely be four hundred if nature is consistent. When those lighting strikes aren't allowed to burn, look what happens. But perhaps all that fire will bring the devil out and those environmentalists and Al Gore can bow down to him in California. But that's before California falls into the Pacific Ocean. I'm sure that will be caused by carbon gases in the atmosphere also.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is mumbling under his breath about another vote by the Irish on the Lisbon Treaty. Perhaps he should go to Ireland and work on a fishing boat for a year. If he hasn't starved to death by then, perhaps he will have some semblance of humility to take back to others that need it in the EU. Ireland isn't just some dog and pony show like the EU thinks that can be bullied. King David wasn't that big, but he packed a wallop.

You know this country used to fly by the seat of its pants. We used to flow with the technology, now the technology has outpaced us. We set around with 14 backups on a space shuttle, that has 14 more backups for the backups and wonder why we aren't going anywhere. If we really want to get to Mars we need to get rid of the pencil necks and start thinking simple again. That's how we did it in the past and that's how we should do it in the future. Make the next spaceship to the moon or Mars and make it like an AK-47. The least number of parts, that continue to work and get the job done safely. We don't need the pie in the sky mentality and the billions of dollars that NASA is spending. Just "get-er done."

Lastly apples in 1917 used to be 2 for a nickle and three for a dime. How many would you want?

[Is nobody going to take a bite out of this? My uncle the first soldier killed in WWI from West Virginia according to Jim Comstock's historical encyclapedia did in 1917.]

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

West Virginia Ghosts or What?

1930-1940's old children's convalescent home and hospital in Marian County, West Virginia. Minutes before the bulldozers were to demolish the building. Ghosts or what? Photo by Randy Mcatee 2002.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Culture by rainywalker 1964

To whom it may concern, my eyes follow the sun, which travels from sea shore,
To sea shore, over wide valleys and down to dark river bottoms.
To more corners of the world than explorers ever dreamed of,
My mind travels.
Into every crevice it explores, deeper and deeper,
Finding less trouble discovering, but more trouble finding.
Bringing its knowledge closer together,
But farther apart by its cultural advances.
I seek to find in my moving space, a place for all minds to meet,
Which will amuse all, but astonish none.
A place which will move everyone closer together in one sense,
But further apart in others.

Monday, July 14, 2008

DEATHLANDS Pilgrimage to Hell by Jack Adrian


"On a crisp January day, a Presidential Inauguration day, a one-megaton blast ripped through the Soviet embassy in Washington, D.C.
Subsequent explosions around the globe changed the face and the shape of the earth forever. Out of the ruins emerged Deathlands, a world that conspired against survival.
In the blasted heart of the new America, a group of men and women plan desperately to escape the eerie wastes and mutated life forms of their nuclear hell. Three warriors--the tough, intelligent Ryan Cawdor, an enigmatic beauty called Krysty Worth, and the armorer J. B. Dix--set out on a harrowing journey to find a rumored enclave high in the mountains.
Their aim: to unlock the secrets of prewar scientific experiments that could hold the answer to survival in the Deathlands of the future.
[If you haven't read this series or the following one OUTLANDERS [100 years later] you might want to check them out. Between the two series there are over 140 paperbacks and most of them good science fiction. They are also out in video form. Like the CASCA series by Barry Sadler [Vietnam veteran] some are expensive since they are not being reprinted.]

My Little Hermit Man by rainywalker 1966

There he sets on his little
Circle of sand and coconuts,
My little hermit man.
Setting as the rain falls
Under his torn canvas,
Smiling and wishing, for nothing better.
Shaggy beard, torn clothes
Sharp ribs sticking out, worn shoes and weary face,
Searching with dull eyes.
For a boat, a boat on the horizon my little hermit man
A boat which will never come,
Never, never come, for my little hermit man.

Coal Run, Ohio- "Black in America"

All of you people in America who go in the kitchen and turn on the tap need to read this blog. When you don't have public running water like me back in 1950 living in the hills of West Virginia that may be okay. But what about a black community in Coal Run , Ohio 5 miles east of Zanesville [Muskingum County] who got running water in 2003? Now Zanesville had their water run in 1956 while Coal Run did not and they were in the same area. The court case which awarded them money based on how long they were without water was said to be a clear case of race.
From 1956 until 2003 they dug wells, hauled water for cisterns and collected rain water. This was used for drinking, cooking and bathing. I'm with you there folks we did it in the hills for many years. A lot of backbreaking work hauling water and digging wells. I bet those boys and girls inside the beltway wouldn't know what to do with an outhouse. They wouldn't know whether to shit or go blind.
There are currently 25-30 people who live in Coal Run. One half of Muskingum County still does not have public running water and is predominately poor. Welcome to America folks, the land of opportunity and gold faucets. Yes folks its part of Appalachia and for most of you fat cats out there the government solved this problem back in 1960. So this sad story is about all of us that are on happy pills. But the point being, how many times a day do we need to feel ashamed of ourselves for letting these things happen to our own people?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Boston Tea Party in Denver, Colorado

There really must be a lot of hate in this country because a black man is going to be the next president of the United States. Now if Senator Clinton had won fair and square I would be supporting her. But those 18 million votes her female followers are talking about mean nothing because your comparing apples and oranges. The Lap Dog media has not told you that because it would hurt their ratings. All the states [14?] that did not count votes during the primary including Colorado are caucus states. But I'm not going to explain this to 50% of the American people that are to stupid to understand it. Most of those 50% are the ones that will try and burn the convention in Denver down [figure of speech].
They hate this country so much that they will vote for a crazy man who changes his mind as often as he changes clothes and lies and tells them he loves them. The only woman he loves has been and will be the one he is with who gives him sex and money. I'm sorry to say it but as long as Cindy has money he'll stick around. Even if he did call her a "trollop and a cunt."
If you want a third world war go ahead and vote for John McCain. If you want eight more years of George Bush, vote for John McCain. If you want a crazy man throwing switches at three AM vote for John McCain. How about those hot baby bottles in New Orleans, vote for John McCain.
I could go on for an hour here but its not worth it. I'm sick of the Lap Dog government media giving McCain a pass and all this talk about cutting back and we are all wimps. The thing many of the fascists inside the beltway out there don't realise is America is on to you.
But its not going to make any difference come election time because even Appalachia is starting to see the bigger picture. But at least they know the difference between a crazy man and change. I'm not voting for "Mr. Morton" as The Field Negro calls him I'm voting for the "O" Man, someone who is going to get us back on track.
By the way in forty years of voting for president this will be only the second time I have voted for a Democratic president. I'm not crazy like John McCain, I just love this country and want our constitution back. The founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves.

Vietnam#9- Shit Burning Detail

Since we did not have indoor toilets each of us had a monthly detail to remove shit from the outhouse. We had this two holler that had two 1/4 quarter 55 gallon drums positioned below the outhouse. These had a hole in the side of the barrels and we had a metal hook that could be inserted and the barrels pulled out.
So pappysan and I would remove the barrels and place them on our deuce and 1/2 truck and take them down behind the airfield and burn the shit. This consisted of dumping the shit in a shallow hole that had been dug by a bulldozer, dumping diesel fuel on the pit and burning the shit until it was gone. Pappysan and I would get in a contest to see who could get the diesel fuel to leap the highest with a coffee can full of fuel. We did this sometimes to get our minds off what we were doing, since the smell wasn't that great.

[My understanding from talking to Iraqi and Afghan veterans that this method is still being used by American forces in out of the way locations in the desert, etc.]

Saturday, July 12, 2008

South Korean Driving Rules

Driving in South Korea for a year was a very interesting and enjoyable experience. They have quite a number of unwritten rules that you just have to learn and most if not all have something to do with respect. While there the US government indicated that since driving was relatively new to the South Koreans approximately 50% of drivers did not have a license. The Koreans seemed to be very predictable on the road, unlike Americans.
When you came to a crosswalk regardless of what color the light was if there was an elderly person or a child in the walk you stopped. No matter how long it took for that person to cross and that would include the light turning three times you would set there. If the light was green and anyone else [other than senior or child] entered the crosswalk an 18 wheeler or car would lay on their horn and all bets were off.
When you came to a stop sign it did not necessary mean you had to stop. That rule I never did figure out so I just did what the person in front of me did. If he stopped I stopped, if he went through the stop sign I did to. If there was nobody in front of me I would always stop.
At night you drove with your parking lights on till dark and in all cities sometimes until midnight. So if you were out in the country you had to watch out for people walking and animals tied up beside the road on long ropes. When you came to a city intersection if there were other cars you would turn on your parking lights until the light changed. This was so you did not blind the person across from you. Everyone was expected to do it and they always did. Try driving in Seoul at eleven at night, eight lanes of traffic and everyone has his parking lights on.
If you heard someone blow his horn you would look around to see if you had did something wrong. If you had cut someone off, etc., you would stick your arm out the window and do an upward wave which indicated you were sorry. A horn blowing also meant someone may be getting ready to so something and you had to pay attention.
The car that could get 50% of the vehicle in between two other cars had the right of way otherwise they were at fault in case of an accident.
There was only one time I got stopped on a Korean highway by the police and that was when they wanted to talk and practice their English. If you came to a little booth beside the highway with a sign that said inspection you stopped. If not like all warning signs in Korea you were subject to be shot, period. Use of deadly force or no trespassing in Korea does not mean the same thing as America. There deadly force means deadly force will be used now.
One last thing the country "screamer" buses [25 cents] were almost that. The joke was that the only requirement for a country bus was a horn and accelerator. They would on occasion in the rain come up off two wheels and you would wonder if your life was over. They also packed the buses so full that I stood up many times in the isle. You might be setting beside someone with chickens or an occasional pig.
The rules may have changed since 1984 but it was always an adventure driving and following the South Korean rules of the road.

Red Button by rainywalker 1965

And then the cloud went off,
Sprinkling the earth with white snow flakes.
Each tiny flake bright and invisible,
But all as deadly as death it's self.
Each taking its count in cities, over the globe,
Leaving death with each corner of the square circle.
Pivoting in space on a tiny spark,
Ignited with the birth of mankind.
Blood running as a caterpillar, up hill and down,
Spreading its florescence on all matter.
Blood, blood, everywhere, being eaten up,
By the pores of the earth.
Sucked into the bosom,
To be shot out back, by lead on lead.
Never stopping to breath light,
Never stopping to eat matter.
Just being sucked into,
The age old pillars of man and beast.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

If A Pair of Pants Has Two Legs?

Well the week must be over. Today we find out that Jesse Jackson want to cut Obama's "nuts off." Well tell us how you really feel Jesse. Nothing like an open mike to get the truth out. But Bill O'Ragious on FOX [the big Lap Dog] didn't have the balls to say it on television. But Shepard Smith did. Nice wavoes Shep!

John McCain no longer wants to bomb Iran. His new plan is to cancer them to death with cigarette's. Cindy punched him in the back? I guess the Emperor has supped wine after having Carol Kreck removed from a public sidewalk in Denver Monday.

The fourth Amendment went out the window today. You used to get a judge to sign off on wire taps. Now its a FISA commission loaded with guys that hate American and wear hoods. That's okay Congress we can wait till Friday, did you say the second Tuesday of next week? Ah..........just go ahead and do it. They are also marching in lock step.

Ted Kennedy came back to sign the Medicare bill? How about that new health care plan they want to run by us? Ted couldn't have used the services he got under the new plans could he?

Gasoline is selling for $3.85 for the six straight week here in Colorado Springs where I get mine. Whys everyone else in town running around $4.00-$4.19? The two people who run my little station are from India and really nice folks. I can't believe they are selling the gas for free.

The Iranians shot off a bunch of missiles that could hit Israel. Most of the lap dogs forgot to mention none of them hit their targets. Damn, they could actually hit something by mistake. But their aim will get better and the warhead will not always be full of hot air.

At a stop light today a young well dressed Hispanic kid was singing with his windows down to a Spanish song. When he say me watching he stopped. Why? He sounded good to me. His family likely taught him manners.

The WalMart store had a long line at the refill window and they have this red line you can't cross till its your turn. So I'm second in line with about eight other people and this elderly lady with a cane gets in the front of the line. So I'm pretty easy when it comes to seniors since I'm getting to be one. But the guy behind me says, "Did she do what I think she did?" So I say, "yes." Now that would have been okay with me. But then she turns around and says, "Are all you people in this line?" Then turns back around and starts writing out her check.

The G-8 this week were telling everyone to cut down on food and stop wasting it. But they had a six course meal for lunch and an eighteen course meal for dinner. Now they weren't eating eighteen cut up hot dogs and a six pack with straws. They were eating stuff that when I was a kid I used to look through a restaurant window and lick the glass. They didn't have any real good food like West Virginia; venison or squirrel with pepper gravy, stewed dumpling and sweet corn bread.

Something I have always wondered about and not got a satisfactory answer. If a pair of pants has two legs and they call them "pants." Why isn't a bra called, "bras?"

I Ponder the Cost by Rainywalker 2006

I was not in the Revolutionary War, or at Valley Forge on that cold winter.
I was not with the patriots on their way to Trenton to fight the Hessian's.
I was not there when they sang "Yankee Doodle Dandy."
I have never been to Cornwallis's Yorktown.
But I ponder the cost!

I was not in the War of 1812 and watched "the bombs bursting in air."
I was not with Francis Scott Key when he wrote the "Star Spangled banner."
I was not there to see the British enslave our men at sea.
I was not there to watch the Executive Mansion when it burned.
But I ponder the cost!

I was not in the American Civil War and watched brother against brother.
I was not with the federals at Gettysburg to watch the cannon charge.
I was not with McClellan at Antietam as both sides lost 4710 dead, 18440 wounded and 3043 missing.
I was not at Appomattox Courthouse when General Lee turned in his sword.
But I ponder the cost!

I was not in WWI and mustard gassed on the battlefield.
I was not at the battle of the Argonne.
I was not in the stalemated trenches of death.
I have never visited Verdun.
But I ponder the cost!

I was not in WWII and on the beaches of Normandy.
I was not there when Berlin fell to the Allies and Hitler died.
I was not in a sub lost off the north Atlantic coast.
I have never visited IWO Jima.
But I ponder the cost!

I was not in Korea at In-Chon to feel the cold, cold winter.
I was not with the American White Tigers in North Korea.
I was not in South Korea when the priests were nailed to trees in the streets.
I have never been to Pork Chop Hill.
But I ponder the cost!

I was in Vietnam, with the woman dressed in black.
I was not at Khe Sanh knee deep in blood.
I was not at Hamburger Hill.
I have never seen the craters in Hanoi.
But I ponder the cost!

I was not in Desert Storm, as the sand coughed up death.
I was not on an F-117 as it dropped it's bombs.
I was not with the Allied soldiers when they took back Kuwait.
I have never been on the ground where the lighting charge occurred.
But I ponder the cost!

I was not in Iraqi Freedom and seen the Baghdad city limits.
I was not with the chemical war specialists when they searched for WMD.
I was not there when Saddam Hussein was captured.
I have never been to Aba Graube prison where the Spooks committed murder.
But I ponder the cost!

I will not be there at future battles amongst the stars.
Nor watch as the war machines stir up dust on the moon.
Nor watch as the International Space Station stops spinning.
Nor watch as blood runs across the face of Mars.
But I will ponder the cost!

I was with them in only one of their struggles.
And with a simple symbol of stars and strips forever.
I ponder the cost!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Librarian kicked out of McCain Town Hall open to public

61 year old Carol Kreck a librarian was kicked off public property [the sidewalk] at a McCain Town hall Meeting, July 7, 2008 in Denver, Colorado and issued a ticket. Would have been arrested if she didn't leave the area. For what? Having a sigh stating McCain=Bush. You have to love John McCain, the Republicans, Secret Service and this great Republic...........

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OT: When you think you’ve seen everything

OT: When you think you’ve seen everything
Watch the second dunnies head when he is patted on the shoulder..........

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ENGLISH Spotted Dog 1840

[Circa 1840 New York Times and Detroit Free Press spelling was left as is.]

It was about the stormiest voyage I ever seen. We left the Hook on November 5, 1839, in a regular blow, and struck worse weather off the Banks [New Foundland], and it grew dirtier every mile we made.

The old man was kind of gruff and anxious like, and wasn't easy to manage. This ain't no Christmas story, and ain't got no moral to it. I was Second Mate and know ed the Captain pretty well, but he wasn't sociable, and the nearer we got to land according to our dead reckoning [for we hadn't been able to take an observation] the more cross-grained he got.

I was eating my supper on the 24th, when the Steward he comes in, and says he, "Captain, plum pudding to-morrow, as usual, sir? It wouldn't be polite in me to give what the Captain replied, but the Steward didn't mind.

All that night and next day, the 25th of December, it was a howling storm, and the Captain he kept to the deck. About 3 o'clock Christmas day dinner was ready, and a precious hard time it was to get that dinner from the galley to the cabin on account of the green seas that swept over the ship.

The old man after a bit, came down, and says he, "Where's the pudding?" The steward he came in just then as pale as a ghost, and says he showing an empty dish: "Washed overboard, sir." It ain't necessary to repeat what that there Captain said.

Kind of how it looked as if the old man had wanted to give himself some heart with that pudding, and now there wasn't none. I dis-remember whether it wasn't a passenger as said "That, providing we reached port safe, in such a gale pudding was of no consequence." I guess the old man bit his head off for interfering with the ships regulations.

Just then the cook he came into the cabin with a dish in his hand, saying: "There is another pudding. I halved'em," and he sot a good sized pudding down on the table. Then the old man kind of upbeat and went for that pudding and cut it in big hunks, helping the passenger last, with a kind of triumphant look.

He hadn't swallowed more than a single bit than the First Mate he comes running down, and says he: "Lizard light on the starboard bow, and the weather brightening up." "How does she head?" "East by North." "Then give her full three points more Northerly, sir and the Lord be praised."

And the Captain , he swallowed his pudding in three gulps, and was on deck, just saying, "I know ed the pudding would fetch it," and he left us. We was in Liverpool three days after that, though a ship that started the day before us from New York was never heard of.

This here is the receipt for that pudding:

Take six ounces of suet, mind you skin it and cut it up fine. Just you use the same quantity of raisins, taking out the stones, and the same of currants; Always wash your currants and dry them with a cloth. Have a stale loaf of bread, and crumble, say three ounces of it. You will want about the same of sifted flour. Break three eggs, yolks and all, but don't beat them much. Have a teaspoonful of ground cinnamon and grate half a nutmeg. Don't forget a teaspoonful of salt. You will require with all this a half pint of milk-we kept a cow on board of ship in those days-say to that four ounces of white sugar. In old days angelica root candied was used; it's out of fashion now. Put that in-if you have it-not a big piece, and slice it thin. You can't do well without half an ounce of candied citron. Now mix all this up together, adding the milk last in which you put half a glass of brandy, take a piece of linen, big enough to double over, put it in boiling water, squeeze out all the water, and flour it; turn out your mixture in that cloth, and tie it up tight; good cooks sew up their pudding bags. It can't be squeezed to much, for a loosely tied pudding is a soggy thing, because it won't cook dry. Put in 5 qts of boiling water, and let it boil 6 hour steady, covering it up. Watch it, and if the water gives out, add more boiling water. This is a real English plum pudding with no non-sense about it.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Drinking Mayor of Lajitas, TEXAS Castrated

Starting at the beginning of this sad story would likely be the best way to go. Back in the 1980's Clay Henry Senior was elected mayor of Lajitas, Texas and held office until his death in the mid-1990's. He was killed. I told you this wasn't going to be a happy tale.
Well way out along the Rio Grande in Lajitas they sometimes make it up as they go. It has about 100 people and is in Brewster County way at the "end of the line." So the people of Lajitas elect another mayor Clay Henry Junior [its in the family] who in fact killed Clay Henry Senior. The people of Texas have some strange ways. So Clay Henry Junior lasts as mayor until 1998 and is replaced by Clay Henry III.
Now Clay Henry III was not only the mayor but he liked to drink. He loved that Lone Star in the longneckers so well he would still be standing after 35-40. In fact you might say he would drink with anyone at anytime.
But one Sunday Steve Smith owner of Lajitas Resort decided to buy the mayor a beer. But the law in Lajitas states that you can't buy beer until noon. Well Smith not being deterred borrowed an "expensive Mexican beer," from one Jim Bob Hargrove. Now Hargrove was insulted that Smith gave the "premium" beer to the mayor. So that night Hargrove "cut off the mayor's testicles, put them in a bag and placed them in a refrigerator."
Poor Clay Henry III was found the next morning bleeding and near death. Rescuers treated him, but he never recovered fully. You understand.
So Hargrove is tried and acquitted. The people of Lajitas wanted to hang Hargrove for castrating the mayor. The sheriff of Brewster County Ronny Dodson said the mayor was a local icon and people in Lajitas, Texas take this stuff seriously. Roger Gipson said that "Clay Henry is an institution in West Texas."
Well Clay Henry III is still drinking beer in Lajitas, Texas I guess. Even with his condition, where he sings soprano in the choir. Those Texans sure know how to treat a guy. It's a very sad story like I said at the beginning.
Oh, by the way the Clay Henry family? Did I mention they are all mountain goats.

DAILY KOS by SusanG Mon Jul 07

Ana Navarro, co chairwoman of the Latino voter advisory committee for McCain, made the following comment in an NPR story posted this morning about the Latino vote:

"Let's be frank here: the immigration debate at times has been offensive and hurtful to Hispanics and immigrants. But John McCain has never once in his life engaged in negative, offensive rhetoric against any group," she says.........

"I hate the gooks," McCain said yesterday in response to a question from reporters aboard his campaign bus. "I will hate them as long as I live."

[One of the signs that you still have PTSD is your unwillingness to forgive your enemies.]

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Phoenix Mission to Mars

The Phoenix Mission to Mars has been digging around in the ice for several weeks now at the North Pole of Mars. The ice at both poles is very close to the surface and has been evaporating when uncovered by the Phoenix arm. The photo's sent back remind me of the tundra in Alaska, it appears to be in squares on the surface of Mars. Phoenix in the next few days will be testing the ice for living matter and its composition. It is unlikely the laboratory on Phoenix will find life. But to be able to dig in ice on another planet is exciting to many of us. Thinking about what was on Mars when we were kids and now seeing it in color. What a thrill.

The Opportunity and Spirit rover missions that landed on Mars in January of 2004 and were expected to last six months are still trudging around. What about that technology and not even an oil change. The Opportunity has developed what we humans would call fairly bad arthritis in one leg. But they are both still exploring the surface of Mars and locating evidence of where water once ran. The channels of Mars do not exist, but the dry river beds are everywhere.

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter continues to map the surface of Mars and has determined that Mars may be coming out of an ice age. The thickness of the ice layer at both poles has been determined to be at least 2 kilometers in some locations. That will bode well for future missions to Mars when humans land and can use the ice to produce oxygen. That will save them the requirement to carry oxygen for use on the surface with them in the future.

The International Space Station [ISS] continues to get larger with the latest Japanese modular that was installed recently. Its fun to watch the astronaut's working outside the station in space. They don't talk much, but you can watch them working in a vacuum with electric wrenches and the earth is in the background. The NASA site gives times and dates when the ISS can be seen in different areas of the night sky.

The Hubble Space Telescope will receive its last mission repair which is set for October 2008. The telescope will have technology added that was never expected a few years ago. It now peers into the far reaches of the universe and is currently locating planets that are in the range of earth [that may have life] around far suns. The ones located thus far are in our own galaxy.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Emperor John Sidney McCain III's New Flightsuit

Senator McCain is always telling the American people that his military service does not matter in this election. But every time he opens his mouth we hear about it. But what about the 600 pages of his Navy file that have not been released? What about North Vietnam, POW's and a prisoner of war? That has been declared top secret by Congress. John McCain lead the charge on that one. If John McCain has nothing to hide, why Top Secret?

Among his fellow pilots he was know as "Ace" McCain. Why? Because he had crashed five military aircraft [one in battle?]. His first crash was in 1958 when he had engine failure. He crashed in Corpus Christi Bay. They pulled the engine out, installed a new propeller, flushed the engine and it started. So where is the engine failure?

The second crash was flying over the Mediterranean to low near the Iberian Peninsula and "took out some power lines." Crash of second military aircraft.

The third crash was in a trainer returning from a football game in Philadelphia. He radioed a flame out , ejected and the aircraft crashed into trees on the beach.

Crash number four was a military flight over North Vietnam when he was shot down. Perhaps it was the type of aircraft. He flew a Douglas A-4 Skyhawk. Not a top of the line aircraft like the Phantoms and Crusaders. By this time the Navy may not have trusted him in a better aircraft or they were sore because his father got him the aircraft carrier position. Which by the way is reserved for top aviators, not someone who finished in the bottom 1% of his class at Annapolis.

While he was in North Vietnam John McCain admitted himself that he was singled out by his prison guards for special treatment because his father was an admiral in the Navy. All the torture was done in secret in North Vietnam according to John McCain and other prisoners. He's not talking except in his book and articles after his return?

His arms and leg were damaged when he ejected from his aircraft and not by the prison guards. He himself admitted he told the guards information other than name, rank and serial number for better treatment. He did the interviews on North Vietnamese television, communist newspapers [beamed to all service personnel in South Vietnam] and Cuban radio. He gave the enemy information on flight plans and flight patterns over North Vietnam that the Americans were flying as transcribed by US Intelligence. Did we loose more pilots and aircraft because of this leak? Some of these messages [word for word] that have not been classified top secret are available on line at, "Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain." Look at them yourself, listen to the video's and you decide.

Is this the person you want as your next president? Someone who crashes four military aircraft and has everything he doesn't want you to see stamped top secret? John McCain may or may not be a "military hero," I really don't know. Hero is thrown around in the United States pretty loosely. He's a Vietnam veteran like me and a POW just like many others, but why are his records top secret? What is he hiding?

The one thing I'm sure of, based on his symptoms, he needs to be in a VA hospital for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, not running for president.

Friday, July 4, 2008

"All Gave Some and Some Gave All"

Take time out this Freedom Day to remember our troops in harms way, those that suffer afflictions, those in VA hospitals, those we have lost and the families that remain behind. When you see one thank him or her for their service to our country. May God bless America.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vietnam#8- Requisitioning Military Vehicles

When Jack and I first arrived at An Khe we used this ratty, rusted 6 passenger Dodge truck that was falling apart and overheated. Each evening it was parked on a hill, in the morning the clutch was popped to get it started. If it didn't start we would push it back up the hill and start over. The vehicle had a bad battery and the Air Force would not give us a new one. I guess batteries were a hot commodity in 1968.

So our mechanic went over to Pleiku and traded a couple of air conditioners for an old 1957 Studebaker deuce and a half that had bad springs. It was flown back to An Khe on a C-130 and the mechanic got some new springs from the Army. We were all in hog heaven because it would actually start without pushing.

The lieutenant [we liked] did not have a vehicle so one was requisitioned from Quy Nhon and brought back to An Khe by air. Since possession is 9/10 of the law the jeep was painted and new serial numbers stenciled on it. Thank you Air Force for the Studebaker and jeep you never got around to giving us. Walking four miles through the jungle and back each day would have surely kept us and the lieutenant in shape.

Denver, Colorado- The American National Anthem?

Well you can guess Mayor of Denver, Colorado John Hickenlooper got more than he wanted when his staff ask Rene Marie to sing the American National Anthem at his annual state of the city address. The music started out like the American National Anthem but something got lost in the translation. Instead of the American National Anthem Rene Marie decided the lyrics needed jazzed up and in her patriotic zeal she sang the lyrics of the black national anthem, "Lift Ev'ry Voice." Now under some circumstances that would be proper. But if your hired to sing the American National Anthem in America that's what you should do. Anything else does not represent the entire nation and under all circumstances is wrong. I believe it was a judgement mistake and will give her the benefit of the doubt. Happy Birthday America on July 3rd, when the Constitution was actually signed, according to John Adams letters to his wife.

What Happened to the Second Amendment?

[This blog contains words and comments which may be offence to 50% of the American people and children, read at your own risk.]

[The original and copies distributed to the states.....]

Second Amendment "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

[As passed by the House and Senate.....]

Second Amendment "A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed."

Okay posy sniffers where does it say in the second amendment that the People shall only have arms for a Militia? If an American citizen over 17 can not have a weapon, how can he be expected to be in the Militia? How can he be expected to protect the free State from the federal government or other vermin? The founders were not talking about other vermin, they were talking about protection from the state, an oppressor. The liberals and conservatives on the Supreme Court need glasses and brains. Not degrees, common sense like the founders. Apparently they have a problem with the Federalist Papers and other comments from Founders and others who wrote during and after the signing. Take all the arms away and the State has you at their mercy. Keep the arms and at least you have a chance.

In the revolution we really didn't beat the British. The best equipped, best and largest military power on the surface of the Earth, fighting against 120,000 untrained, unequipped farmers and citizens. Did you hear that? We didn't win. We wore them down and made them understand it costs blood and money to fight a long distance war. Hit and run, hit and run, you win some small battles and then they go home. They got tired, worn down, they went home. Most two and a half years after signing the peace treaty by the way.

Just like North Vietnam [United States], the Afghan's [Soviet Union], the Taliban is regrouping Right Now against us. Just the names have changed since 1776, nothing else. You can't beat a guy with a spear, it doesn't show up on radar. You can't beat a guy who skins your people alive and sends one back to tell the story. You can't beat a guy who mixes up stuff in the back room and blows your ass off. You can't beat a guy who cuts off your dick and puts an ace of spades in your pocket. You can't beat a guy who punches your eyes out with a stick and sets you on fire alive, at your own gates. Oh yes, you can invent technology to see him in the dark, see him from the air, smell his IED's, smell him, hear him, even catch him. But don't turn your back on him or you'll bleed like a stuck pig.

Go ahead take all the arms, including pocket knives and fingernail clippers. Kill a million people as an example. Men, women, children, the impaired, black, white, Hispanic, it doesn't matter. Take all the Oxi-clean off the shelves. Torture at will. But turn your back and you'll get gutted. Your going to eat your own tongue, balls, eyes and go home wishing you could get rid of the stick, and mimic in the choir if your lucky.

Human beings are nasty people when you piss them off. They still have that killing instinct in the front of their heads. Its all in the grey matter. Yes sir, yes sir, yes sir, dead sir. When you put them all in barbed wire whose going to protect you and your friends? The informers? The military? Whose going to protect them? They can bleed red, white and blue just like you.

You may not believe it, but I'm a very peaceful senior person. You may have your own idea that I'm a stark raving lunatic. I really wouldn't hurt a fly, I huge bunnies and I can get along with anyone. Get rid of the Second Amendment all you liberal and conservative fools. I'll even be an informer if you like, but who's going to watch me when you sleep? When you set down with your Playboy on that 10 gallon water saver toilet? Tell Me? Even your ass isn't safe. You've got to kill everyone, to the last man, woman and child, or you'll never be safe.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Alaska The Lover of Will Manley- Angel O'Quenn

Will Manley is the main character in the poem, "Charles Bolton's Baptism by Lead, an Alaskan Tale 1989 by rainywalker.

Silent Memory

Mountain sides ablaze,
Hearts touching fondly.
Memories of your closeness,
Inflame my soul.

Distant pines of fawn,
Mystic eyes unseen.
Leaning toward the heart,
Break this longing embrace.

Wait the gusting breeze,
Silent the mocking echo.
Suspended in time,
The master earthly beauty.

Cascade passing waters,
Ignore the lips of softness.
Keep in silent memory,
Those that trod your shore.

Footsteps worn spotless,
Hearts enveloped in frost.
Moon set in halo blue,
Sunrise heal the chilling fever.

Moments captured together,
Held by somber stillness.
Known but touching once,
To those silent in love.

[rainywalker 1988]

An Alaskan Tale- Charles Bolton's Baptism by Lead 1989 rainywalker

This poem is sort of a love story, but more than that it is what happens when people, destiny and Alaskan greed and vile things are thrown together. When the forces of nature close in and the mist starts to thicken. The setting circa 1905 and a location close to Felex Pedro's gold strike [then a partly dirt trail along Pedro Creek] the train to Cleary, past Golden City and over Cleary Summit to Chatanika Lodge [near old Chatanika]. Information for the poem was gathered from real observations at Chatinika Lodge and Manley Roadhouse on the Yukon. The Champion Saloon was real and located in Fairbanks. Characters for the poem, well characters, came from the same place Robert Service got his.

Will was a charmer, some said a farmer,
Who'd came from the Outside somewhere.
Never wandering far, he'd hinge at the bar,
As the crowd drew quiet and slack.
A self proclaimed jewel, forty-four was the rule,
Loose on a thong round his neck.
His small modest claim lay close to the same,
As Felex on Pedro Creek.

But panning just gold, left loneliness cold,
As Chatanika started calling his name.
Such a God hateful day, buried knee deep in clay,
His sluice had been damaged by rain.
The box quite a shamble, his life just a gamble,
Each morning he'd head for the creek.
When the aurora's mute still, started beckoning Will,
Return to the one that you love.

But would old Jack Ketch, be trying to snatch,
A piece of Will's soul for his own?
Gold locked within sight, by his diggings that night,
Will dreamed of a bath by the fire.
Oh the warmth of it all, scuttled water would fall,
And cleanse his tired skin to the bone.
The train stopped at Cleary, the weather so dreary,
Will'd hoof it the rest of the way.

A half days trek with the heat on his neck,
Cleary Summit what beauty to see.
The sky all ablaze, what a wonderful maze,
Many times he'd search in his soul.
The cabins soft light, gave off eerie sights,
Through the rain as Will wandered along.
Looking in with a stare, a body lying there,
A malmute was licking his face.

The gold camp so small, had been built in the fall,
Mostly tents, some shacks and a den.
The Golden City boys, were making some noise,
A mist had crept over their game.
A lass called Swine Mable, sat at a table,
On weekdays she slopped all the hogs.
While Twelve Mile Luck Rob, was walking the mob,
Heading straight home from the creeks.

Old Poultry Ben had some headaches with kin,
They thieved all his foul while he slept.
And the miners prize pig, wasn't dancing a gig,
Three limbs was all that he had.
He stood in the mud, snorting for crud,
They'd throw to him out in the road.
The Piano Man Billy, was asking quite silly,
But they kept shoving him back on the stool.

But Will pressed on, the dark forlorn,
He could stop here for the night if he chose.
But when he reached Cleary, the weather still dreary,
He picked up his pace down the trail.
He found no trace there, of the miner's stare,
But his voice was low in the fog.
The stream Will followed down, swirling around,
Chataneka would soon be in sight.

The Champion Saloon, by the veiled, obscure moon,
He'd spot round the bend in the trail.
Pushing thru the door, to a crowd's mighty roar,
From the sound, most were having a night.
Hailing Sweet Sall, a California gal,
But her roadhouse had warmth and a fire.
She'd gathered great fame, while serving up shame,
And a dust cutter on the rocks was her smile.

The laughin was swell, But Sal couldn't tell,
If the mark with the offset ears had returned.
Her message was true, oh how the wind blew,
The wind whispered plumb through his head.
But she'd stop with a thrill, as she spotted Will,
Her arms a band of steel round his neck.
No matter how busy, or flushed in a tizzy,
Sweet Sal had time for a hug.

The Lady was there, with her wiry red hair,
Such lips and the look of pure sin.
Amusement her game, O'Quenn was her name,
She loved it from daylight till dark.
She'd act so damn bold, a floozy of old,
But never for better or worse.
For Will's charming spell, truth knew how she fell,
A mistake she'd later avoid.

She'd wear red with bows, and had cute little toes,
Will'd kiss them now and again.
They both liked to dance, given half a chance,
So Sal'd turn the lamps way down low.
The floor was so old, and beautiful the gold,
On Angel's fingers so slender and long.
Her breath it would burn, on the dance floor he'd learn,
The warmth of her torso was true.

Now Idaho Annie, was flat on her fanny,
The limpness she couldn't refuse.
She'd bend at the back, her bra loose and slack,
But catch on the rail every time.
The crowd mixed around, with many a frown,
Some wished for more of a show.
But her hips in a spin, Annie'd just bend,
The sweat dripping down off her face.

Will'd pass the French Girl La Rue, which all of them knew,
And we'd hang on her four letter words.
She'd point with a sharp nail, giving out with a wail,
Leaving sailors to blush on the run.
So she'd pleased, when she wanted to tease,
With her charm and honesty.
But that very night, she was having a fight,
With someone who'd did her all wrong.

The Dog Musher Dave, throwing ribs at the brave,
Was baking a pecan pie.
Sparkling gold in one ear, it showed quite clear,
The bandanna held most of his hair.
A caribou sticker he kept near his mixtures,
To slice up the rolls and the bread.
On occasion he'd drop a rub, never affecting the grub,
From a plug he kept high on a shelf.

The bush pilot there , with brazen blond hair,
Was spinning a tale of her crash.
The yarn was for free, Saddie'd been up a tree,
Her bush plane they winched it on down.
By the light of the moon, they'd been singing a tune,
Near the shrouded campfire's glow.
And they ate Dave's bear stew, when winter was new,
It would do them till spring came around.

When the sky broke loose, we knew it no use,
The rain charged with silence on tin.
The chandelier's light was twinkling so bright,
While each pane rattled loose in the sills.
No night for a cur, through the storm as it were,
Destiny was turning a hand.
So slamming the door, he stepped on the floor,
His slicker all covered with mire.

Old miners stared, as Charles Bolton prepared,
To shake loose the rain from his rap.
A Mosberg it swing, from the place where it hung,
The stock embroidered with gold.
The Fedora pushed back, the rain made it slack,
Leaving a face scowled that nobody saw.
His slicker was oiled, dirty and soiled,
A bull snake was tied round his waist.

I knew if she tried, the Lady that cried,
Would loose her place by the bar.
Their asses were tight and never a fight,
When the silver dropped like a shot.
Why ya waddled along, singing a song,
And up popped your name on the wall.
When Will dropped his pants, not even a glance,
His dollar dropped straight in the glass.

The wind whistled round, as the phantom he found,
A table, his back to the wall.
A long night he knew, and Bolton was true,
Drinking from a crown on the side.
But in his cold hands, two bags full of sand,
Or was it some rocks from the creek?
A ghost of a man, his breath like a fan,
With bloodshot eyes of cold riveted steel.

As Will drank his fill, of the Forty Rod swill,
He grabbed the edge of the bar.
While the sweeties from Maine, they chocked down the same,
But headed straight for their room.
So nobody cared, that the stranger had dared,
Them both to help him off with his boots.
They wanted that poke, that the stranger cloaked,
Like a brandy heated next to the fire.

The floozy of old, who'd been so damn bold,
Held Will in her arm's on the floor.
The closeness she found, with topaz was bound,
A love she'd never deny.
Angel's soft hand, fingered the band,
And pulled Will close to her heart.
He was naturally true, and most everyone knew,
They'd win every dance on the floor.

Now Will was outside, wood barrel round his hide,
Angel's hand was washing his chest.
She'd rubbed a soap bar, which had gone not to far,
The lather was all in her hand.
Angel was sweat-in, but she was a bett-in,
The barrel had room for them both.
The blouse it was clinging, her nails they were stinging,
Will's back was starting to burn.

So Will and Miss O'Quenn, retired to do sin,
Her legs how they itched with the fire.
Will clutched to her breast, like a bright red vest,
Her breasts as pale as fresh snow.
Through lilacs air scent, Will wasn't soon spent,
His head resting close to her heart.
But her legs they would raise on his shoulders she'd praise,
Every inch that she wanted to keep.

The Lady in red, arms propped on the bed,
Was combing her sex matted red hair.
Through closed window shade, the berth was not made,
Sweat was trickling down from her chin.
She'd say with a grin, want to make love again?
Scarlett nails running down her soft thigh.
Oh soft and so sweet, like something to eat,
A hunger that never would die.

As Bolton slept, a small shadow crept,
And snatched up his ring from the stand.
Two pokes full of gold, still setting there cold,
Were left for the sisters to share.
Someday they'd fret and likely regret,
The night they cheated the Tempter.
But caution to the wind, as always they'd been,
They snuck out back down the hall.

Most were amazed, when Bolton half dazed,
Returned from his room up the stairs.
Wildly he cursed, they'd lifted his purse,
His gold and a ring they were gone.
Time for a fight, he was ready to light,
And settle it once and for all.
He couldn't bare pain, but oh the shame,
As he weaved and swayed in the night?

So crazy half dazed, the Mosberg it blazed,
The Beast with the slicker swung round.
The trigger was hair, way up in the air,
The plaster was starting to hang.
A bourbon and smoke, he downed with a choke,
As the splinters flew off of the bar.
The weapon was raised, the barrel so it blazed,
The billiard table enveloped with glass.

The chandelier fell, right near the bell,
Where ya purchased a drink for the house.
All liquor was stacked, glass back to back,
When the blast dissected the shelf.
The bartender there, with a ghastly blank stare,
Gave a jerk as the whisky drained free.
But old Yukon Bob, he just gave a nod,
Flinging a fiery poker cross the room.

Like an eagle's last flight, it sailed through the night,
Pinning Bolton's arm to the beam.
His slicker was smoking, the ladies were choking,
The poker had stuck in his arm.
With a jerk and a thrust, or just pure lust,
He wrenched his arm to get free.
An oasis from Hell, the poker it fell,
As he twisted it out with a sigh.

He turned to old Bob, who'd done a bad job,
And supported the piece on his arm.
With nary a sound, the saloon keeper felt down,
And picked up an iron of his own.
Then the lead it flew, and when it was thru,
The gore blanketed most of the wall.
While surveying the floor, his back to the door,
Bolton spied Will near the bar.

The bullets were landing, where Will was a standing,
Scarlet blood was dripping onto his boot.
Will bent down, wiped the boot with a frown,
And lifted his lone forty-four.
No church going walk, no lawyers talk,
It was time for a baptism by lead.
So bullets they flew, and when it was through,
Will's resting place was out in the road.

But Bolton was bleeding, no church meeting,
Six forty-four bullets in his chest.
Angel was setting, Bolton's pokes in her netting,
A shawl stretched cross her ring and tears.
Holding poor Will, his eyes open still,
His body was turning quite cold.
Now Will was a charmer, some said a farmer,
Who'd came from the Outside somewhere.